Choose 901 – Round The Mound

Having been around for over 120 years, Orange Mound is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. JUICE Orange Mound is a non-profit organization that “exists to unite, empower, and support each resident in HISTORIC Orange Mound, through finding and funding innovative ideas within the community.”

 Style Blueprint – Britney Thornton, founder of Juice Orange Mound

Change for Change is the program. We collect spare change from residents and pool the money to fund neighborhood projects on a quarterly basis. Our goal is to raise $3,000 each quarter. We’re doing the slow, continuous work of chipping away at this big monster of a social issue that has become Orange Mound.

 High Ground News – JUICE Community Baby Shower

“The first Orange Mound community baby shower was the vision of JUICE Orange Mound’s founder, Britney Thornton. Founded in December 2016, JUICE uses grant money, partner support, and the community’s spare change to develop innovative ideas in Orange Mound.”